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Organic basics BY DesignByU


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Why organic cotton?

• Better health for consumers and farmers, environmental conservation, and cost savings for farmers
• Organic cotton clothing is better to wear, especially for babies
• Organic cotton is excellent for the tender, developing skin of a baby
• Organic cotton clothing is softer than conventional cotton clothing
• Since the production of organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals, it causes fewer allergies
• Organic cotton apparel also reduces respiratory problems and smells pleasant
(please note that these benefits of organic cotton are perceived beliefs, and do not have strong scientific proof to back them up)

Why organic basics by DesignByU?

• Pure product – pure price
• No labelling so no costs for unnecessary labelling or hangtags
• No packaging so no costs for unnecessary plastic packaging
• Low minimum quantities
• Affords you the opportunity to start up your own brand in low quantities
• Because there is no brand label in the basics, the basics of DesignByU can be used for your own brand. You can place your own label in it.
• Own shop? Add some good basics to your collection with your own brand/shop name
• Promo textile, work clothes all is possible, ask for the possibilities; Kontakt@designbyu.dk